Things to Keep Your Cart Spot On

Here are some quick tips to keep your cart ship shape!

  1. Check battery water levels monthly.
  2. Keep battery terminals clean.
  3. Check tyre pressures regularly (20 psi).
  4. Have a regular service every 6 months.
  5. Charge batteries when cart is not in use.


Care of your batteries is very important as batteries are currently $1950 For Trojan Batteries

Battery Water

Battery water needs to be checked at least monthly and topped up with demineralised water to 5 mm above the plates. If the batteries are allowed to become dry they will be damaged.

How often to charge the cart

Whenever the cart is used it must be put back on charge. Deep cycle batteries like to be kept fully charged. If not used often- at least once a week.

The charger

The charger is not a smart charger so when the cart is put on charge, the charger will go through it’s cycle and then switch off. It will only do one charge cycle. The charger needs to be disconnected from the cart by unplugging the charge cord at the receptical to kick start the charger to initiate the next charge cycle. This happens automatically when the cart is taken out and used. If, however you are away for a period of more than a month, it is important to get someone to kick start your charger in this manner every fortnight.

Like your car battery, if you leave the cart for a period, the batteries voltage will drop and if left for a couple of months irreparable damage could be done and could be costly.

If you suspect that you have charging issue, the first thing to check is that there is power at the power point by plugging an electric devise like a drill or hairdryer in and switching that on. The light on the charger being on does not indicate that there is power in the shed.Once this is established, then give Cameron a call to discuss.


Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure should be 18- 20 psi

Tow/Run Switch

Not all carts have tow/ run switches but the later model carts do. This switch should be flicked to tow when washing the cart or doing any work on it.


Like with your motor car, 6 monthly servicing of the cart is also advised to be sure that there are no issues that you are not aware of and it helps if there are any warranty claims.